Five folded sweaters in colors: black, red, purple, green, and pink.

Your Post-New Year’s Clothing Resolutions.

New Year’s resolutions are great and all, but isn’t there just a little too much craziness during the holiday season to set goals for yourself with a clear head?

I’d say so.

Here are a few clothing and style goals for you all to consider now that we’re in the quiet calm of late-late January.

1. Update your basics.

Left image of man in jeans and tan button up shirt and right image of a red baseball tee and white baseball tee, folded.

A simple and economical way to add a little refresh to your wardrobe is to update basics. If you’re a guy, it’s a guaranteed fact that you’re stretching every last day out of some old t-shirts, underwear, and socks. Just dump the old stuff. This is an easy way to get feeling brand new again.

2. Invest in a statement piece.

Barbour midnight blue quilted coat with regular checked woven shirt.
Barbour midnight blue quilted coat with regular checked woven shirt.

On the other end of the spectrum, why not try saving up some money for a statement piece this year? Fall is a great time of year to snag a killer leather jacket or a Barbour coat. If you start setting aside some money each month, you can grab a fall jacket that will serve you well for years to come. Plus this will give you something to look forward to when the weather starts to turn.

3. Take your clothes to the cleaners (or learn to iron).

Man wearing white button up shirt and dark jeans.
A crisp shirt brings a special something to any outfit.

You’re guilty of wearing wrinkly button-ups. Don’t deny it! We’ve all been there. Make this the year you hold yourself to a new freshly pressed standard. Find yourself a dry cleaner you like and watch yourself a youtube tutorial on ironing and make even your old clothes feel new again.

4. Clean out your closet.

Whether you’re “Marie Kondo-ing” your life or using some other system, try and get rid of the things you never wear that clog your closet. Look back through and toss anything you didn’t wear last year or for, like… five years. I know I’m guilty of hanging onto stuff from high school. Don’t be like me; unburden your closet.

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