Nine pairs of Mavi jeans laid out.

Why You Probably Need New Jeans

Chances are you have a favorite pair of jeans, and if you’re like many men, you wear them every chance you get ‘til the wheels fall off.

Created by Jacob W. Davis, a Russian immigrant tailor, in the 1870s, the first pair of jeans were custom-made for a woodcutter looking for durable pants. Davis used heavyweight duck cloth that he purchased from Levi Strauss & Co, a dry goods company in San Francisco, and added signature rivets to further reinforce the seams.

So if jeans are made to last a long time, why replace them or have more than one when you already have a pair you reach for daily?  

1. They are old.

After a solid year of wear, you may want to consider swapping out your old faithful for a new pair.  Consider the following: would you be more likely to notice a gradual change in someone you see every day or someone you haven’t seen in a long time?

Chances are you picked the latter — similarly, because wear and tear happens gradually over time it can be difficult to realize when you’re due for a refresh. A good rule of thumb: if you see holes in places anywhere from mid-thigh and up, it’s time for an upgrade.

2. They are the only pair you wear.

You can wear jeans in countless ways, but just like in poker you often lose out with just one or two pairs.  Jeans come in all different fits and washes that can be worn appropriately in a wide array of occasions, but the key is in how the outfit is styled. A good stylist can help you incorporate more denim in your everyday mix without looking played out.

3. They sacrifice looks at the altar of comfort.

We all love our favorite pair of jeans – the pair that you wear when you know you’ll be hanging out with close friends who don’t really care what you wear, the ones you reach for when you’re eating a big meal, the jeans that move with you… you get the picture.

But you don’t need to sacrifice your look for your comfort.  Jeans can look great on you and be just as comfortable with new innovations in denim fabrics and construction. Save the settling for Catan and ask for more than just comfort from your jeans.

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