What to wear to the party if your team didn’t make the Big Game.

For some fans there can be no replacement for their lucky team jersey, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But with only two teams left fighting it out… your Bucs or Lions jersey might be a little out of place at your buddies watch party (no offense).

So, for all the lovable losers out there, here’s some outfit inspiration.

1. The “We’ll get ‘em next year.”

Blue, red and white plaid shirt over a grey t-shirt with khaki pants on the side.
Nothin’ to see here. Just a normally dressed guy biding his time until next season.

Sure, maybe your team was 3-13 this season. So what? Next season is an opportunity to rise from the smoldering ashes of humbling defeat and soar to great heights, like a glorious football phoenix. This outfit avoids drawing too much attention to your team’s abominable effort this year and cosmically appeals to the football gods for a sensible selection in the draft.

2. The “Just here to have fun.”

Flay lay of green vest with grey shoulders and collar over burnt orange sweater. Jeans and striped socks on the side.
“So how about them Dolphins, huh?”

Your team went 7-9, there’s nothing to be ashamed of here. Heck, you even had some excitement with a 3-0 start. But alas, here you end, again, middle of the pack. This outfit says, why bother worrying about anything anymore? After all, you’re a Dolphins fan and the Patriots are in your division.

3. The “We got F**!%$# ROBBED!!!”

Black quilted jacket over a grey henley shirt with chinos.
Dress like a divisional champion.

Saints fans, Chiefs fans, Chargers fans? Dress loud and proud (Well, if you’re a Saints fan you get an exception. Wear your team jersey to the party). Your team flew high this year, coming up just short of greatness. You need an outfit that projects the swagger of a 12-plus win team. Bust out your snazziest duds for this party and show up looking like a winner… even if you didn’t quite make it.

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