Penguin and Ben Sherman offer versatile white oxford shirts.

Tips For Styling A White Oxford Shirt

The white Oxford shirt is one of the baseline staples of menswear. It’s like the peanut butter of a pb&j, if you will. But just a pb&j is nothing without the jelly, the white Oxford can’t stand alone (seriously, put some pants on).

So, first off, what the heck is an Oxford anyway? An Oxford shirt is not the official uniform of Oxford University. Legend has it, a Scottish mill in the 19th century created four unique fabrics and named them Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. These fabrics were a popular choice when making long-sleeved shirts for polo players. Eventually, Oxford was the last shirt standing.

So, there you go. That’s all well and good… but how do you rock it?

1. Nice and easy.

Model getting ready to go out for a casual night out.

Oxford shirts are as versatile as jeans. Wait, yes, jeans! Pair those and wear simple boat shoes and you have a great go-to casual outfit. That goes for both short-sleeve or rolled up long-sleeve Oxford shirt variations. Need a pop of color? Wear some chinos instead of jeans! Cold out? A nice bomber should round that out nicely. 

2. High and tight.

Model in dressed up winter look for the office.

Your tie, that is. A white Oxford is a perfect base layer for any more elevated look. This is especially true in the colder weather due to the thicker, more textured fabric. Go ‘Out On The Town’ with a matching vest and trousers, topped with a slick topcoat. Go ‘Full Blown Professor’ with a tweed blazer and a sweater-vest (leather elbow patches optional). When it comes to more elevated styles, as the saying goes, “the white Oxford is your oyster.” That’s a thing… right?

3. Go crazy.

Listen, the truth of the matter is the white Oxford is one of the more versatile pieces out there. From casual to fancy, tucked to untucked, layered to solo, you really can’t go wrong. Put it this way, there’s a reason that a painter’s canvas is white.

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