Shirt, light wash jeans and henley laydown.

What does your significant other REALLY want you to wear?

A classic battle: the clothes a man chooses to wear vs. the clothes his partner wishes he would wear. Sure, this isn’t the case for all relationships, but we’re pretty certain this resonates with a lot of you guys. We see you.

So, here are a few easy tips to start the great journey toward compromise when it comes to what you wear.

1. Wear clothes that fit.

Model in casual look with Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

You’d be surprised just how ugly or boring your clothes can be without anyone noticing IF they just fit correctly. Not that that’s what we’re going for… we’re just sayin’.

A lot of guys default to comfort with their clothing which typically means a looser fit. Well, good news is that Earth’s clothing scientists have been hard at work and with advancements in comfortable-clothing-technology you can wear clothes that fit AND be comfy.

Fabrics with a lot of stretch to them will allow you to retire those MC-Hammer-esque khakis and rock a more trim fit. And we’ve all seen the “Puffy Shirt” Seinfeld.


Don’t be that guy. 

2. If you love them, let them go.

Model in fall seasonal jacket and chinos.

The old clothes, we mean. You know what else guys love to do? Hang on to clothes FOREVER. If you’re a guy, there’s a 99% chance you have some basketball shorts from high school or college in your dresser. Or maybe a t-shirt (or five) from the Thanksgiving 5k you used to run in your hometown.

2012 YMCA Turkey Trot t-shirt.

While these items of clothing can be useful (*cough* AS RAGS *cough*), you may want to keep them away from the sensitive gaze of your lover. Try replacing your army of free giveaway t-shirts with basic, solid-colored pieces… that fit (see above). It’s not that you can’t wear graphic tees, they just can’t all have the graphic from “Polar Bear Plunge 2007.”

And don’t feel bad. As guys, we just hang onto clothes, especially free clothes, which is really the opposite of what we should be doing. So, throw away the free tees… and anything with significant wear and tear.

3. Take a hint.

Model in shirt, jacket, chinos.

Listen. Do you hear that?

It’s your partner talking.

That’s right… now focus… What are they saying?

Are you out walking about and they point out a cool jacket some guy is wearing? Did they compliment you on a shirt you’re wearing that you don’t normally wear? Did they make a comment about something you guys passed in a shop window?

There are a lot of ways your partner may be dropping hints that range anywhere from a whisper to a slap in the face about what they think you look good wearing.  

Now, granted, what they want you to wear shouldn’t be all that’s important, especially if they can’t stop talking about how sexy velour tracksuits are, but you can stash this info and use it to augment your own style.

…or maybe even bust out that silky tracksuit for a super special occasion.


And in conclusion…

Alright, so there we have it: knowledge. Main point is that a lot of guys don’t spend a lot of brain space thinking about their wardrobe or what they’re wearing day to day but we really should… especially if you have a partner or want to have one at some point.  

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