Grayers jacket, t-shirt look are great for Fall casual looks.

Rule The Water Cooler: Fall Business Casual Ideas

What the heck does “business casual” even mean these days? Well, a lot. Especially with the culture differences of startups and creative companies when compared to more traditional workplaces like finance. With the amount of time you spend in your work outfit, we’re here with some ideas to help you be more stylish, comfortable, and appropriate.

1) The Startup: Flannel + Chinos

Large checkered shirt and burgundy chinos.

Startups are pretty loose with their culture but it’s still important to stay within the realm of “presentable” and not glide over to the republic of “rolled out of bed.” The flannel and chinos combo is a classic solution. The myriad of color combinations let you go subtle or bold. you can get away with it being tucked or untucked, and a white undershirt can add a casual feel even if you have it buttoned up around the cubicles.

2) The Tech Guy: Blazer + Flannel + Grey Jeans

Descendant of Thieves long-sleeve woven, blazer and casual chinos

Similar to the post above, the flannel and jeans combo works well in a more casual workplace. The contrasting yellow flannel with the darker tones of the rest of the outfit gives off a more playful vibe without going all in a bright outfit. The blazer is a great add-on to promote yourself into a formal look while the gray jeans are reminiscent of a classic prep look.

3) Mr. Business: Shirt + Tie + Cardigan + Colored Denim

Cardigan sweater, chino, belt and socks in a flatlay

Maybe you need a tie for work? Check out our combo above. In fashion-speak, the solid dark tie really elevates the blue geometric shirt for some gravitas on your business look. In normal-speak, paired with dark colored denim, you’re going to look dashing while overseeing hostile takeovers… or, you know, doing spreadsheets. Oh, and when you’re done, you’ll look dapper during rooftop happy hours with a cardigan.

4) The F&%# It, It’s Friday: Sweatshirt Cardigan + Tee + Light Wash Jeans + Beanie

Heavyweight cardigan and Farah Vintage beanie look great for Fall.

The solid colors of this look and the casual materials make this a perfect closer for the work week. Add a pair of light wash jeans for some subtle streetwear vibes. Look spiffy for that last 5pm meeting of the day and never look out of place when you head straight for your afterwork dinner.

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