Summer tops and bottoms draped over clothesline.

What Does Your Resort Outfit Say About Your Vacation?

Around this time of year, most of us are ready for a vacation. Cold, snow, sleet, cold, rain, cold… we’re over it. Basically, we can hear the tropics calling, and it’s time to take a break from winter. So, the only question left: What do you pack?

Vestige summer graphic tee shirt, swim trunks and other warm weather clothing.

Beach Gear

Don’t mess around about the time you get to spend by the ocean. Open all the buttons. Show some skin. This vacation is about letting as much warmth in as possible on your short time away from the cold. Make sure and pack an ample supply of swim trunks and tank tops.

Dine in Style 

Great restaurants are a staple of a great resort, so make sure you pack some refined and relaxed options to ace your evenings out. Styles and fabrics that are full-vacation mode, but you’re put together in a way that says you still care. Think summer weight pants, polos, and tropical patterned button-ups.

Hit the Bars 

Maybe you aren’t in the mood to relax. There’s partying to be done, and somebody’s gotta do it. This is vacation, after all. Your beach gear will suffice for the poolside bar scene, but make sure to bring along some nice jeans and at least one non-tropical in case you’re looking to make a night of it.

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