Soccer ball + red flag

Predicting The World Cup Winner… With Fashion

The World Cup final will be played in Russia this Sunday, and after a long, grueling tournament either Croatia or France will reign supreme in the kingdom of football. So, which team will hold the upper hand when stepping onto the pitch this weekend?

Well, we could delve into the teams’ different defensive schemes or attacking strategies… We could break down the individual matchups and evaluate each team’s chances based on talent level… We could even examine the international football pedigree and tradition of each team and go from there…

Or we could pick the winner simply by judging which supporter base has had a stronger fan-fashion game this tournament.

Let’s go with that.


1. Checks Galore!

Croatia fans cheer on their team in the 2018 World Cup.

Croatia certainly has the general advantage with the shirts.  We’re loving the flat checkered pattern here. Very strong look. Looks cool with a bunch people wearing it in the crowd. This is an overall solid start for Croatia.

2. Enthusiasm Level: Maximum.

Croatian fans celebrate soccer win with bonfire.

Ok, here we see the Croatian fans going completely bananas after the team’s semi-final win. While the willingness to light flares and party in a flaming, smoky danger-zone is impressive, we’re not seeing any really new inventive fashion choices here.

3. Whose side are you on?

Three Croatian girls show pride for their country's futbol team.

Finally, a few Croatian ladies here looking good in their face paint but… that girl on the right kind of looks like she has the Eiffel Tower on her cheek! What the heck, Croatia fans? This isn’t going to fly at the finals.


1.  Mime time.

Two girls and two mimes take a selfie with two baguettes.

So, France has some pretty iconic fashions and symbols. We’re torn on the mimes, though. On the one hand, it’s a strong look and a point of French pride (and the baguettes are a great touch); on the other hand, mimes make for a quiet crowd. Hmmm…

2. Le Coq

Five sports fans celebrate their team in patriotic garb.

It’s hard to beat some bleu, blanc, rouge rooster caps. The Gallic rooster has been the symbol of the French team for more than 100 years, and it makes for some pretty sweet head gear. Apparently, the national animal of Croatia is the marten, which is a super cute fox-like weasel (or something), but we’ve yet to confirm any marten hats in pictures, so we’ll have to give the edge to France on this one.

3. Boom.

Fan celebrating World Cup in patriotic garb.

What can we say? That’s how you dress for a World Cup game. Well played, French guy. You’ve won our World Cup prediction for your county. Someone get this man some wine and cheese.

Allez Les Bleus!

France 2, Croatia 0.

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