4 guys in midtown uniform.

No more Midtown uniform: How to dress like a New Yorker without the Patagonia vest

So, the Midtown uniform–or slacks, a dress shirt, and Patagonia vest–has become something of a meme. The official work wear of Brads and Chads here in Midtown NYC has its own Instagram and has been featured in major publications.

But what if you didn’t want to look like just another bro-drone (brone?)?

Well, here’s a few suggestions to help you break free of the performance-fleeced clutches of Midtown’s most popular look.

1. Explore blazers made with alternative materials.

Going out without the midtown uniform.

It can only be assumed that one of the main draws of this bevested look is its comfort over a traditional sport coat. You’re free to move about your sculpted lax-bro arms while still remaining warm within your cubicle.

Well, luckily there are a multitude of blazers out there these days constructed from more comfortable materials that are ready to keep you comfy and looking… not in fleece.  Look for something unlined and a bit more casual. You’re looking for a casual material, like a cotton knit blend, but constructed with quality tailoring to keep the look elevated enough for the office.

2. Buy a bomber jacket.

Lightweight quilted jackets serve as effective layering pieces.

Invest in a nice bomber, especially one in leather if you can swing it. The bomber jacket is a classic look and one that will certainly set you apart from the sheeple. A nicely fit, leather bomber seamlessly straddles the line between office formal and straight up cool, as well. Sure, your arms will be in sleeves but… you’ll live.

3. Change the shirt instead.

Model in a linen blazer for a summer look.

Standards for office wear are getting more casual. If your office environment permits- a nice, crisp (pressed, don’t be a slob!) neutral t-shirt under a blazer, or even a nice cardigan, can do the trick. Maybe even pair this with some dressy dark jeans for casual Friday.  

All told, there are countless ways to avoid looking like just another broski out there, depending on what your workplace allows. If you want to get started small, maybe try upping your sock game and get comfortable with showing a little more individuality in your everyday dressing. We think you’ll find it to be a rewarding way to add some fun to your day and not feel like so much of simply another Patagonia fish swimming up the Midtown stream.

Guys in midtown uniform and Starbucks in an elevator.

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