Going out without the midtown uniform.

Meeting your significant other’s family this holiday season? Here’s how NOT to blow the most important job interview of your life.

Well, it’s that time of year again: the holidays. For most of us, it’s a happy time to gather with those we love, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the season.

And then there’s those of us who are meeting their significant other’s family for the first time… maybe even extended family… or extended-extennnnnded family.

Needless to say, that can be a stressful visit, and obviously, you want to make a good impression (or if you don’t, here is a list of corny breakup lines you can peruse).

Anyway, what better way to make a first impression than with the right outfit?

Take a shower. Smile. Be polite.

But aside from those, your clothes make a big difference on that first meeting. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction.

1. Read the room.

Sweater and oxfords for a night out.

First step to finding your perfect introduction outfit (you know, the one that they will always remember you wearing so don’t mess it up omg is this helping yet?) is to take stock of the situation and “read the room.”

Presumably, you probably know a bit about their family and what kind of people they are. Also, you know what occasion you’re going back for. Is it Christmas? Do they typically go to church? Do they live somewhere warm and have a casual Christmas BBQ?

Making sure you think about these things can help make some smart decisions about how you present yourself. Remember, you’re not mindlessly packing for a trip back to see your parents here. They’ll love you even if you come home in your laundry day clothes.

2. Go to your wheelhouse.

Windbreaker transitional look for the season.

We’ve all got favorite clothing. Taking into account the previous tip, try to wear some of your favorite pieces. At a time you may be feeling nervous and stressed, turn to the clothes in your closet you feel most at home in.

Now, there are caveats to this tip. If all your favorite clothing equates to old, ripped jeans and your ten-year-old hoodies, then maybe go a different route.  

Sometimes breaking out some of your dressier, less worn items can be the way to go. You don’t want to be awkwardly overdressed, but that’s pretty hard to do, generally.

What mother out there doesn’t appreciate a handsome boy in a tie?

3. Ask for help.

Dressed up Barbour + Rodd & Gunn look.

Use your secret weapon: ask your significant other for help. They have the most information about their family and should be able to steer you in the right direction.

Going in knowing that your outfit is at least significant other approved can provide a boost of confidence. And after all that’s what all this is really about: confidence.

Another good way to go in with a confidence-inspiring look is to enlist the help of a personal stylist. Bombfell stylists have been assisting with first impressions for more than 5 years. We promise to send you something that will knock it out of the park.

At the end of the day, though, an outfit isn’t realistically going to be the thing your significant other’s family remembers about you. They’ll remember your smile, how polite you were, and whether or not you took a shower. Unless, perhaps you wear this.  

In that case, you’re on your own.

Bombfell makes dressing well easy by pairing you with your own personal stylist. Get started here.