Meet the Stylist: Sean K.

Sean K. hails from Lorain, Ohio, and has the distinction of being the most athletic member of the Bombfell team!

1. Hi Sean, tell us something few people know about you: It’s odd that I work at a tech start up, considering electronics and anything with a motor hate me. I’ve broken so many computers …

2. How would you describe your personal style? I like my clothes to speak for me. Just like everyone, my style changes by the day, but I try to use my personal style to emit my daily expressions.

3. What’s the best part of your job? This could be a very long list, but nothing beats when I send a guy an item that he hates when he sees it in the plastic, then he tries it on and it changes his life.

4. The worst? I eat too many of the company snacks! Just as I was getting my summer beach body, too, ugh … brb I’m getting some Oreos.

5. Who is your style muse and why? Marlon Brando/James Dean/Jared Leto – I like when a guy can look effortlessly cool and trendy in the simplest outfit, but then can put on a slim fitting suit or tuxedo and blow you away.

6. If I had to send the same item to every Bombfella, it would be…The perfect fitting blazer and pants combination. Every guys tells me he hates dressing up, but when you put on a blazer that fits you like it should, you’ll get the attention that will make you want to wear it every day.

7. Best style advice you’ve ever got: Never follow trends. Style is individual, that’s why it’s ‘personal.’

8. What would you be if you weren’t a stylist? An astronaut. I’m obsessed with stars, planets and space exploration.

9. What’s your secret talent? I’m super fun. I guess it’s not so secret …

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