Michael Viviano headshot

Meet the Stylist: Michael V.

1. Hi Michael, where are you from? Yonkers, NY aka “upstate” to anyone who lives in NYC.

2. If you were an animal, you’d be… Probably a penguin. I like colder weather, I love to swim, and the meme “socially awkward penguin” is actually my life.

3. Three words to describe your personal style: Whatever I like. (That counts as three words!)

4. What’s the best part of your job? Throwing shade.

5. The worst? Getting shade thrown at me.

6. Who is your style muse and why? I’m tempted to say Lady Gaga but since I can’t afford her outfits, I’d say Joseph-Gordon Levitt. He’s very classic yet simple and always looks cute!

7. If I had to send the same item to every Bombfellow, it would be… A fun cardigan aka a party cardi.

8. Style advice you want to give your Bombfellows: Don’t be afraid to try new things! Trying on a pair of slightly less relaxed jeans won’t kill you.

9. What’s your secret talent?  Keeping secrets.

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