Meet the Stylist: Lino S.

1. Where are you from? Born and raised in NJ, but my parents are from Italy.

2. Three words to describe your personal style: Street, chic, original.

3. What’s the best part of your job? Giving people confidence by selecting great things for them to wear.

4. Best style advice you’ve ever received: “Never hurts to look your best.”

5. Who is your style muse and why? Jaden Smith and ASAP Rocky because they take their looks to the next level and are not afraid to branch out.

6. If I had to send the same item to every Bombfellow, it would be… The WeSC pants in misty rose.

7. What’s your secret talent? I can name all the capitals of the states.

8. What were you doing before you joined the Bombfell team? I had two jobs, as a Mortgage Loan Officer and as a face-to-face Stylist.

9. What’s your favorite thing about working at Bombfell? My favorite thing is being able to do what I’ve wanted to do in being able to give my opinion about fashion to others.

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