Meet the Stylist: Jazmin C.

1. Hi Jazmin, where are you from? I was born in Beverly, MA but was raised in Hoboken, NJ.

2. What’s the best part of your job? Definitely the feedback I get when I find the perfect fit for a client 🙂

3. Who is your style muse and why? I am a huge fan of Graham Elliot from MasterChef. I think he’s pretty underrated, and I love his white-framed glasses and tattoos.

4. If I had to send the same item to every Bombfellow, it would be… a sleek, awesome fitting blazer. I think every guy needs that perfect blazer because they are timeless and can be dressed up or down.

5. Best style advice you’ve ever gotten: I used to ask my mom her opinion on my outfits because she’s a fashion designer. I would say, “Do you like this?” And then she would say, “Do you like it?” I guess to me that was really the advice in itself. Wear what you like because it expresses who you are.

6. What’s your secret talent? On the weekends I make jewelry and I’m also a fantastic tap dancer.

7. The weirdest thing we might find in your Google search history: This is a recent one: “traditional sheep’s head dish in Iceland.” Now I’m debating my trip there.

8. What’s your most embarrassing style moment? The strap to my romper broke off so I used a bobby pin to attach it to the torso part like overalls. I’m lucky I have long hair is all I can say.

9. What’s your favorite meal to order for lunch? Green juice, egg with spinach and onions on a whole wheat bagel, and a side of home fries from Guy & Gallard.

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