Justin Sousa headshot

Meet the Engineer: Justin S.

1. Hi Justin, what do you do at Bombfell? I am a software engineer here with the purpose of building and maintaining our website, building systems for planning and tracking business activities, and just making everyone’s jobs a little easier as much as I can.  At least I hope I do.

2. Where are you from? The ancestral homeland of Newww Jerrrseyyyyy!  (Sorry, reference to my favorite band The World Inferno Friendship Society)

3. If you could be any animal, you’d be… That is a very tricky question because I really love animals and the answer to this question has changed multiple times.  I think it would have to be a fox; a combination of the majestic power of a tiger with the mischievous swag of a ferret.

4. Three words to describe your personal style: Relaxed, classic, varied.

5. What’s the best part of your job? The variation.  There’s not only a new project but a new type of project constantly.  Website, inventory and sales tracking, server management and even further the technology always changes.  There’s always something new to learn.

6. The worst? The best part of my job is also the worst.  What I wrote yesterday might be out of date and have to be rewritten tomorrow.

7. What’s your secret talent? I could make practically any wood furniture you would like.

8. The weirdest thing we might find in your Google search history: At the moment the strangest thing I can think of is the legality of owning and what I would need to do to take care of a tiger cub in New Jersey.  I really want to.

9. What were you doing before you were at Bombfell? I was a software engineer at a “developer warehouse” with clients in the patent industry.  Boring part: the companies tried to protect other companies from being extorted with patents.  More fun part: The owner Dan was a good friend of my brother and got me the job after he made my brother and me tacos, had some wine, and discussed how much we wished we could have seen Bea Arthur on stage.

10. What’s your favorite thing about working at Bombfell? How open our office is.  Physically and socially.  Everyone can freely see and talk to each other at any time and that is not an experience you will find everywhere.

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