How to win her over on the first date? Try a t-shirt and jeans.

Recently, Bombfell surveyed a group of women about some of their men’s fashion preferences, and one interesting finding that emerged was a preference for a first date outfit of a tee and jeans over other options.

What’s the deal?

Here’s a few reasons why you might try out this ‘less-is-more’ approach on your next first date.

1. Simple and classic.

Many pairs of jeans.

A well-fitting t-shirt and jeans combo never goes out of style. Also, not that we all have those James Dean/John Travolta/Brando looks and swagger (or maybe not even close) but there’s a reason they’ve all been famously featured in this minimalist look. It’s a strong look that says you aren’t trying too hard and shows your confident in yourself.

Speaking of which…

2. Confidence is king.

Jeans hanging on a stool.

Women also responded that overall a man’s confidence in his outfit was more important than the outfit itself. Now, we’re betting this doesn’t extend to JNCO Jeans or banana suits, but it should give you the freedom to wear something your comfortable in on your next first date. Just make sure it’s clean…

3. Put in some effort.

Many graphic tee shirts. 

Sure, a tee shirt and jeans might seem like the opposite of effort, but the devil is in the details. Are your clothes clean and pressed? Have you put some effort into your hair and grooming? Are your shoes falling apart? Make a holistic effort to put a simple outfit together nicely will avoid you ending up in something that makes you feel out of place.  

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