Light blue t-shirt french tucked into gray shorts.

French Tuck? One-Handed Tuck? Whatever, Tuck It.

Come closer, friend. We have a tale for you about a mysterious style technique known only to the most elite of the fashion world. A technique so advanced, it has heretofore only been pulled off by celebrities and stylists of the rich and famous. It is called… partially tucking in your shirt.

Two ways -- pants and shorts-- to wear a French tuck.

Wait… that’s it?

Indeed. See fashion can be simple.

So, you may have noticed a recent surge in press about the so called ‘French tuck’ popularized by Tan France of Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’… or perhaps you have no clue what we’re talking about. Either way, this is a great style tip, and a super simple way to add some extra–how shall we put it?–jeuje to your look.

Now, is this trend a brand new fashion invention? No, of course not. People have been rocking the partial tuck essentially since shirts–and the pants to tuck them into–were invented. At least, we can only assume… not like we were there.

In any case, feast your eyes upon these beautiful partially-tucked shirts and follow suit. It works with just about any outfit- tees, jeans, chinos, etc.

Short-sleeve woven shirt french tucked into burgundy summerweight chinos.

If you feel weird about calling it the ‘French tuck,’ then feel free to improvise. Call it the ‘Partial Tuck’ or the ‘Little-In-Little-Out’ or the ‘Jason Tuck’ (recommended for any Jasons out there) or the ‘Mullet Tuck’ (Get it? Cuz it’s business in the front and… ok.) or the ‘Tucking-Is-Hard-Work-And-I-Got-Lazy-Halfway Tuck.’

We could do this all day, but you get the idea.

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