Several belts forming a hashed web.

Earning Your Black Belt: A Guide to Picking Belts

Like finding the right pair of shoes, hats, and love (*sobs*), picking the right belt is one of those rites of passage in a man’s life. Here’s our four simple tips to help your search for true love …err … the right belt.


Tip #1: Selecting the Right Length

You should be able to buckle your belt on the center hole, giving you about 6 inches of “extra” belt. How to do that? Simple. Take your waist size and add 2. So if you wear a 32″ waist pant, you should select a size 34″ belt. If the belt fits snugly and still has enough to go through the first loop on the left, you’re in business.


Tip #2: Can’t Pick Just One

A good beginner’s rule-of-thumb is to coordinate your belt with your shoes. Brown to brown, black to black, etc. But don’t be afraid to mix it up; light colored belts with darker shoes or vice versa as long as they are in the same color family. Play with textures, pebble belts, braided or even fabric belts. Belts are subtle, but the right one can bring your whole look together like a nice bow on a present of handsomeness.


Tip #3: Wide Vs. Thin

Belts ain’t blu-rays, baby. Widescreen isn’t always king. Pro tip: wider belts go well with casual pants like shorts and jeans while thinner ones tend to do well with dress pants.


Tip #4: Buckles

The “Keep it Simple, Stupid” principle applies here. Plain buckles are generally good. If you find yourself drawn to a buckle that is in the shape of a dragon or one that spins, please stop.

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