Model celebrates receiving his new Bombfell shipment in the mailroom.

The 5 Most Common Bombfell Reviews

Can a personal stylist working remotely really find well-fitting, great-looking clothes for you without meeting you in person?

Six years since we first started packing and shipping clothes out of an apartment in San Francisco, we see reviews of Bombfell across hundreds of thousands of clients fall into 5 categories. 

1. “So much better than regular shopping”

Have you ever circled a department store parking lot for 30 minutes looking for an open space? Or waited in a long line … for a changing room? Compared to a soul-sucking search through endless racks of clothing, the bar isn’t exactly set high.

Still, the first time high-quality clothes picked just for you show up at your door, and the only thing you’re waiting for is Netflix to buffer — breathe in the future, my man. You’ve made it.

2. “Give my stylist a raise”

It might be counter-intuitive to expect an actual relationship to be built remotely but styling is after all, inherently personal. And after you’ve received a few shipments that are spot-on, we often see a transformation from normal client relationship to fire-breathing advocate for your stylist.

3. “I keep getting compliments”

To borrow from the great philosopher Homer Simpson: when it comes to compliments men are ravenous, bloodsucking monsters always wanting more, try as we might to deny it. Trust us, we hear all about it in your reviews.

4. “I wouldn’t have found these brands on my own”

There’s literally tens of thousands of clothing brands to choose from, so it’s no wonder many men throw up our hands, find 1-2 brands that fit reasonably well and hold on for dear life.

But there’s a better way. Our buyers scour menswear collections high and low so you don’t have to. We work hard to find high-quality, great-value pieces at the most accessible pricing possible, while holding firm on garment quality standards we’re proud to stand behind.

And as we hear over and over from you, shopping with an army is way better than shopping on your own.

5. “There has to be a catch”

We’ve deliberately structured Bombfell so that there’s no risk to try: you can cancel or pause your account at anytime and we offer free shipping and returns, so that you only pay for the clothes you keep.

Plus, no “mystery boxes” here! We send a preview email before every shipment, so you never get something you don’t want.

So before you ask: this is for real. There’s no catches or hidden fees. We’re just here to help you look the way you want.

Bombfell makes dressing well easy by pairing you with your own personal stylist. Get started here.

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