Matteo and Suwanna from Descendant of Thieves high-fiving.

Brand Highlight: Descendant of Thieves

Bombfell’s team sat with Matteo Maniatty and Suwanna Perry from Descendant of Thieves to discuss the origins of their brand and why it resonates so well with the Bombfell clientele. 

Founded In:


Company size:

Under 20

Based in:

Meatpacking District, New York

Known for:

Unexpected details and limited-edition runs. “The market is flooded with big fashion brands, and we’d like to be the choice for someone who wants to be more unique and special,” says co-founder Matteo Maniatty. “We’re like the craft beer of the clothing industry.”

Descendant of Thieves has been one of our favorite vendors since the early days, when our founders serendipitously came across the brand at a department store.

The decision to bring DoT to our own clients was an obvious one: “Their product was unlike anything we had seen before,” said co-founder Sarah Lee, lead buyer at the time. “It was clear that they thought long and hard about not only the fun, aesthetic details, but also the functionality behind them.”

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the team is so easy to work with.  “Matteo and Su [Perry, who handles Operations] embody what we look for in our vendor partners – responsible, accountable and just overall a pleasure to work with,“ she added.

Five years later, DoT is one of Bombfell’s best partners in style. We’ve carried nearly 400 styles and collaborated on creating dozens of styles that are exclusive to Bombfell. Maniatty says the Bombfell Guy is at the forefront of the creative team’s mind when building the line and choosing the fabrics.

“We think of the Bombfell guy as almost traditional with a twist – not too modern but not stuffy. He’s a guy who is more serious but still wants to showcase a little bit of his identity through his clothes.”

Below: Team Bombfell models their favorite DoT shirts

Lookbook with 8 Bombfell male employees.

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