Model inspects his new Bombfell look.

3 Things Bombfell Does Differently

Bombfell likes to do things differently. We don’t just send clothing, we build relationships. It’s why we’ve sent clients baby diaper cakes, and why we once got a hand axe back with an order return (story for another day).

We’re here to help you look the way you’ve always wanted to. So what’s so different? Thanks for asking, Ginuwine.

1. We don’t try to change you.

We don’t just try to sell you the latest trends. Your stylist takes time to get to know who you are, your lifestyle and what you do. Then we send you clothes that best fit your life.

2. You get what you want.

No “mystery boxes” here! Your stylist will send a preview email before every shipment, so you never get something you don’t want. Oh, and if you don’t need 5-10+ items in an order? We don’t force it on you. You control what and how many pieces your stylist will pick for you.

3. We meet you where you are.

We’re not the same as everyone else, and neither are you. Whether you’re up on the latest trends or just starting out, early in your career or just put your kids through college, we adapt to fit your needs.

We can help you figure out your style, or if you don’t need help there, we’ll introduce you to new brands you wouldn’t discover on your own.

Bombfell makes dressing well easy by pairing you with your own personal stylist. Get started here.

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