Barbour midnight blue quilted coat with regular checked woven shirt.

Barbour: A Quintessentially British Brand

Meet Barbour, one of Bombfell’s newest brands… but by no means a new kid on the block. Barbour instantly becomes our most storied brand in stock, having been founded in the United Kingdom in 1894. This brand has done it all: innovating, military supplying, motorcyclist outfitting, and more. Now, still family-owned after five generations, Barbour simply makes bloody fine clothing (to borrow a turn of phrase from our neighbors across the pond).

Barbour is known for its signature waxed-cotton jackets, originally produced to protect against the elements of the North Sea, and those elements get… pretty gross. If this stuff has been trusted for generations to handle gloomy British weather, it’ll serve you well this fall wherever you are. These jackets are water-resistant, wind-breaking, all-around-badass and can be rewaxed over time to maintain their functionality and look. So, you could buy a new jacket every year… or you could just get a Barbour.

Two ways to wear Barbour

While the waxed-cotton jackets are a highlight, that’s not where the outerwear magic stops. Barbour also offers fantastic quilted jackets and vests. These lightweight, durable pieces are perfect for fall transition weather and perfect for layering. Perhaps, try layering with a Barbour plaid… just a thought.

Black Barbour quilted coat with red interior lining.

Still not convinced by this anonymously written blog post? Take it from our Head of Merchandise, Olivia Jones: “The quilted jackets are a great way to own a piece of Barbour heritage but with a more contemporary touch. They’re the perfect grab and go jacket for a walking the dog, a trip the store, or wherever as they’re super lightweight and go with just about everything.”


So, embrace your inner British country gentleman and try out some Barbour for yourself. While the British haven’t got a lot of things right—kidney pies, dentistry, colonialism, etc.—they do know their clothes.

You won’t be disappointed.

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