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The 4 benefits of a personal stylist

Personal styling has been around for hundreds of years, but only recently has it moved within reach to more people.

Enabled by technology advances over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of men are trying an online personal stylist for the first time. They’re reporting 4 primary benefits:

1. I have access to an expert. 

For decades, personal styling has only been available to the super affluent willing to pay a bundle. Getting to know your tastes and lifestyle, staying on top of trends and available merchandise, sourcing and delivering clothes for you — this traditionally requires a lot of time and resources you have to pay for.

But thanks to advances in technology, companies like Bombfell provide stylists with a data-driven platform that empowers them to deliver 1:1 styling more efficiently. Having your own stylist is within reach for the first time. Just tell your stylist what you’re going for, and they’ll get on it asap.

2. I’m discovering brands best suited for me

With tens of thousands of clothing brands available and new ones seemingly popping up everyday, it’s hard to know which ones will best deliver on quality and fit for you.

But a personal stylist armed with a  data-driven platform can quickly surface the right brands and styles for you.

3. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone

It’s easy to fall into a habit of buying five of the same shirt in slightly different shades of blue. But, if you’re interested in branching out from 1-2 brands you always buy from, a personal stylist can help you consider different possibilities that you might not have on your own.

Among the many reported benefits of using a styling service, Bombfell clients often tell us how happy they are to get clothes they never would have selected for themselves.

4. I’m saving a bunch of time

Spend more time with the people you love and on the things you love doing. Having a personal stylist saves you time and gives you the bandwidth to focus on the things you care about. 

Bombfell makes dressing well easy by pairing you with your own personal stylist. Get started here.

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