7 pairs of Mavi pants draped over a pole.

A Beginner’s Guide To Wearing Colorful Pants

If your closet consists of jeans, dark jeans, and darker jeans, congrats for consistency. If, however, you’re thinking of dipping your toe in the waters of colorful pants because of anything from curiosity to seeing-that-one-guy-from-that-one-movie-rock-it, we have some tips to get you started.


1. Where’s The Mute Button On This Thing?

A lot of guys are wary of trying out colorful threads for fear of looking too colorful. Luckily, dark, muted colors can still accomplish the same flair without being overly flashy. Some good ones to try out are maroon, dark green, and dark blue.

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Or a little hotrod red?

2. It’s (Not) A Match!

When you’re thinking of your outfit’s color combo, supplement instead of matching. Meaning if you’re wearing maroon pants, don’t let the color run wild by matching it with yet another maroon or red-tinted shirt. Pick a color and use the rest of the outfit to balance it out. Have dark green pants? Try a white or gray shirt. Rockin’ the teal? Use a dark shade of blue as a sidekick.

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In summary.

3. Colors, Colors Everywhere!

It takes a long time to get an eye for complementing colors but fear not because awesome combination ideas are all around you from movies to brands. Think about your favorite sports team. Those jersey and logo colors were meticulous picked by experts so it’s a good bet they’ll look phenomenal in outfit form.

Have a sweet navy blazer? Try matching that bad boy with mustard-hued pants ala-Warriors, Notre Dame, or maroon ones ala-Cavs.

Remember those dark green jeans we hooked up with a white or gray shirt? You’re now the best-looking Seattle Mariners fan out there.

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Although there’s not enough colors to hide dabbing.

4. Spoiler: It was never about the pants!

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If colorful pants just aren’t your thing, you can use these same tips for matching those space-dark jeans with a little flash of color from a shirt, polo, blazer, etc. This article is practically a win-win between the kingdom of pants and the commonwealth of shirts. So, go forth and kill it.

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