7 signs it’s Valentine’s Day RIGHT NOW!

Valentine’s Day. Arguably the most important day for lovers and prospective lovers in the US-of-A.

A lot of hullabaloo goes into the lead-up to and anticipation for the big day, but how do you know if it’s Valentine’s Day right now?

Here are a few simple tricks to help you get with the program.

1. Test the wind.


Is there a slight smell of love in the air? “What does love smell like?” you ask. It smells like candy hearts and chocolate kisses, obviously. If you sense these things, there’s a strong chance it may be Valentine’s Day.

2. Look at the sky.

Is the benevolent ball of fire we people affectionately refer to as the sun shining brightly? Great. That’s another Valentine’s giveaway. It’s a well known scientific fact that it’s never cloudy on on Valentine’s Day.

3. Look at your outfit.

Are you wearing a nice outfit? Maybe way nicer than ones you normally wear? Is it the one you got from Bombfell specifically for Valentine’s Day? Yup? Wow! Brace yourself because it’s almost definitely that special day of love.


4. Look at your hands.

Huh, that’s odd. Your hands are full. One holds a bouquet of roses and the other either a box of chocolates or a teddy bear with a heart on it. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Valentine’s Day all the way.

5. Look around you.

Wait, let me guess: You’re sitting across from your significant other, holding hands across a white table cloth. The candles twinkle and classical music plays at just the right volume in the background. A coat-tailed waiter arrives with your bottle of champagne and pours two glasses, leaving the rest on ice. About right? I think you’ve certainly got Valentine’s Day on your hands.


6. Look into your soul.

Do you feel a warm fuzzy feeling inside, like your life-force just put on an ultra-soft sweater like the one you got from Bombfell? That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.


7. Look at a calendar.

If all else fails, check a calendar to see if it’s February 14th. That’s really the only way to be completely sure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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