Normal Brand model showing off a heavyweight red long-sleeve woven shirt.

3 Reasons You Need The Normal Brand In Your Life

The Normal Brand was founded by three brothers simply seeking nice looking clothes without pretense. The brothers have since grown the brand into an entire family operation (and a 12-member family at that!) and continue to expand their line. The Normal Brand makes versatile clothing specifically designed to let a guy feel comfortable and look great whether he’s hiking, fishing, or out on the town–maybe even all three in one day.

1. All style. No fuss.

Normal brand founders hanging out by an RV.

St. Louis, where the brand is based, isn’t known for being the stuffiest of places. The friendly, Midwestern nature of the place is reflected in The Normal Brand’s approach. The clothes are meant to make you look and feel good with no fuss or elitism. These are clothes for every man.

2. Be ready for whatever your day brings.

Models hanging out in the normal brand apparel.

The Normal Brand makes sturdy clothes that are refined enough to take out on the town yet rugged enough to feel welcome outdoors. After all, in the Midwest “you’re never more than 20 minutes from your next adventure,” according to the founders. These clothes are designed with that in mind.

3. You’ll look damn good in it. 

Pensive model in a fall/winter seasonal look.

Comfortable fits with thoughtful tailoring define clothes from The Normal Brand. The guys who started the company are normal dudes just like the rest of us, so they know how to make clothes that will make you feel normal… and look outstanding.

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